Batch 55 Presentations Academy

We are very pleased to announce that we have recently concluded Batch 55 of Presentations Academy for Kumpulan Media Karangkraf at Shah Alam. 17 participants went through 2 days of panic, stress and pressure to deliver an awesome final presentation.

Presentations Academy Batch 45

We are pleased to announce that Right Eye has successfully conducted Batch 45 of Presentations Academy. Batch 45 had 20 participants who are part of a Talent Development Program of a large multinational corporation. Due to confidentiality requirements, we cannot disclose the identity of the client. Presentations Academy is a highly experiential program which helps …

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CSR Teambuilding for Bank Operations

We have just successfully completed leading a teambuilding session for the Operations Division of SME Bank Bhd in Ancasa Hotel, Port Dickson. We had 120 Learners playing our system games Brick By Brick. The Learners then proceeded to plan and implement a CSR program for a local charity.