Help Save The Environment

Care for the environment is one of the values that we at Right Eye take very seriously. 

With that in mind, our operations are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

There are a few features in our workshops that are designed with this in mind.

Water Bottles

We have taken the effort to place little stickers on the mineral water bottles. When our Learners take a bottle, they are encouraged to write their names on the sticker so that they can make sure the water is drunk before the bottle is thrown away. We have found that it is the usual practice at hotels that the water bottles are replaced at each break.

This will help reduce plastic usage.


We have taken all efforts and exhausted all our ideas as to how to reduce the consumption of paper. Whenever possible, we encourage our Learners to use both sides of the paper.

Note: We are very conscious of the fact that we use quite a few sheets of paper for our flipcharts. We have conducted workshops with no flipcharts at all but we can’t escape the fact that flipcharts are essential to the delivery of the workshop. 


We do not throw used batteries as part of normal garbage. Instead, we would collect all used batteries and deliver them to used batteries bin which can be found un various parts of KL. If you have batteries, leave them at the logistics counter and we will help dispose of them properly.

Name Tags

All Learners are given name tags at the beginning. We allow for Learners to take the name tags with them at the end of the workshop as part of the keepsake. If you don’t wish to keep the name tags, please leave it at the end of the workshop and we can reuse them at our next one.

Those are the small easy things we can do together. Please give us your suggestions in the comments section below if you have any other ideas.


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