Project Team Mid Point Correction Workshop

About This Workshop

This workshop is recommended to be conducted exactly in the middle of the project timeline and be used as a way to help teams assess progress based on the Project Team Kick Off Workshop as well as make any necessary correction to the way the team is operating.

Workshop Duration

1 day

Who should attend?

  • Project Team Members
  • Project Team Leaders
  • Project Sponsors


Mid-point corrections are recognised as part of the standard operations for high performing teams. It is like the dressing room evaluation and pep talk during a half-time football match. Team members, team leaders and the project sponsors will be able to understand the changes that needs to be made in order to push the project team to a higher level of performance in order to achieve the project goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare current progress and planned progress
  • Identify team communications gaps
  • Clear team conflict
  • Identify gaps in team performance
  • Develop change strategies to achieve higher performance

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