Project Team Kick Off Workshop

About This Workshop

Right Eye’s Project Team Workshop is a series of three workshop designed to support project teams embarking on actual project. The Project Team Workshop uses models and frameworks that outlines a high performing team including:

  • Lencioni 5 Dysfunctions of a team
  • Hackman 5 concepts of leading teams
  • Tuckman 4 team evolution
  • Project Aristotle 5 elements of high performing teams
  • Edmonson Teaming Principles

The project team will be introduced to the frameworks and models of high performing teams through a series of games, activities, exercises and simulation.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will be conducted when the project commences and should involve the project team members, team leaders as well as project sponsors.

Course Duration

3 days


Learning Objectives

The project team will go through a facilitated discussion how to effectively implement these frameworks within the workings of the project. This will include:

  • incorporating trust within the project team members
  • managing conflict and differences
  • team communications strategies
  • team interactions strategies
  • obtaining commitment and accountability at all levels to the goal of the project
  • team destructive and dysfunctional behavior and how to cope
  • developing, monitoring and correcting goals
  • managing stress

There will also be a facilitated brainstorming session designed to:

  • help the project team create the project team identity including project name, logo and branding
  • develop the vision of the project that can be communicated to all levels
  • develop a communication and change strategy

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